What is BlueChew, and How Does BlueChew Work?

If you’ve talked to men who use medications to enhance their performance in the bedroom, you might have heard some say that they rely on BlueChew. The reference may have you asking, just what is BlueChew? How does it work? We will clear up the confusion and explain just what BlueChew is and how it works.

BlueChew is a Subscription Service

The first thing to know about BlueChew is that it is not a medicine. Instead, it’s a subscription service that delivers prescription medicine to your door. The delivery is discreet and comes to your door every month.

What Kind of Medicine is Delivered?

BlueChew delivers medication meant to treat erectile dysfunction (ED), which is actually a common condition. Subscribers can choose Sildenafil or Tadalafil as their medication, and there are two doses to choose from. These are the active ingredients of Viagra and Cialis.

There is a difference between BlueChew’s medications and the type normally obtained from your local pharmacy. This difference is that the BlueChew products are chewable! You won’t have to chug water along with your medicine, and you won’t have any trouble getting it down.

What About the Prescription? How Does it All Work?

Getting a prescription is no problem with BlueChew. When you sign up, you fill out an online medical questionnaire, and a licensed medical provider reviews it to see if your responses qualify you for the medication you have requested. In some cases, a telemedicine appointment may be needed, but this is not always the case.

If the medical professional agrees that you qualify, you are then approved for the service and your chewable medications are sent out. A few days later, you’ll get your first delivery.

What if I Want to Change my Dosage or Medication Type?

You can request a different dosage or medication type at any time. When you do, you’ll need to fill out a new medical questionnaire, and it will again be reviewed by a licensed medical provider. This helps to ensure that you get the meds that are appropriate for you and your overall health as well as your sexual health.

How Many Chews Do I Get Each Month?

The number of medicated chews you get depends on the plan you select. Plans include Active, Busy, Popular, and Pro. They deliver six, 10, 17, and 34 chews per month of Sildenafil, or four, seven, 14, or 28 monthly chews with Tadalafil.

Can People See What I’m Having Delivered?

No. All deliveries come in discreet packaging that does not give away the contents of the box.

Where is the BlueChew Service Available?

BlueChew’s service is available in almost all of the 50 United States. At this time, it is not offered in territories or outside of the country. Check the site to see if your state is eligible – the list occasionally changes as more states authorize digital or telemedicine-based prescriptions.

Now that you know what BlueChew is, you won’t have to wonder. To sign up and actually experience this service for yourself, as well as the boost the medications provide, just go to the BlueChew site and click the button to sign up. The site will take you through all of the steps. Then, if one of your friends asks you “what is BlueChew,” you’ll have the answer – and you’ll be able to tell them how great it is.




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