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Currently, acupuncture therapy can treat various complaints as well as relieve pain. However, some believe that acupuncture work on balanced your vital energy and may help with chronic pain and other physical conditions. Acupuncture is a therapy of balanced therapy that uses thin needles inserted into the body to treat health issues.

The DongBang DB100 is an excellent and best-selling acupuncture needle from the country in Korea. The acupuncture needle is super smooth on insertion and use, and waste is also reduced by 85 percent. They also offer 15% off on your first purchase on their online shop with safe and secure free local shipping for purchases of $500 or above.

What are the most reliable acupuncture needles they have?

DongBang DB100 needles are the best-selling needles famous for their cost-effective and high-quality J-type needles made of surgical-grade stainless steel. However, these are the best products from their brands, such as:

  • J Type Acupuncture Needles For Hand & Face
  • DongBang 100 Spring Metal Acupuncture Needles ( Box of 100)
  • Dong Bang 100 Spring Metal Acupuncture Needles ( Box of 1000)

What sizes of needles that used in acupuncture?

The acupuncturists have used the ranges of gauges and needles of 0.12mm to 0.30mm in width, and the length is 15mm-105mm. Acupuncturists use dry needling on pressure points in the body for musculoskeletal and agility issues. However, the thicker gauges are available in 30mm x 30mm and 30mm x 50mm for practitioner customers.

What are the benefits of acupuncture therapy for your health?

Your health and wellness are not just priorities. Working a 24-hour job, however, can negatively affect your happiness and productivity. Acupuncture is the most efficient way for people who improve their health to heal underlying pain that prevents them from performing daily tasks. Therefore, here are some benefits of having acupuncture therapy for your health.

  • Reduced Stress

Stress is the reason people seek acupuncture treatment because it has proven to lower stress hormones and reduce anxiety.

  • Reduced Back Pain, Joint Pain, Arms, & Tension.

Cellphones, heavy backpacks, and poor posture can cause pain that can spike your workday and night. Acupuncture therapy can give a drug-free pain reliever to reduce swelling and inflammation.

Relief from Headaches

Acupuncture can treat headaches and migraines that last effects. This therapy provides you with a relaxing and less invasive drug-free choice

  • Improved Immune System

Acupuncture can help you fight off pathogens by boosting your body’s immune system. This treatment can reduce colds and relieve symptoms that make you miserable at work.

  • Enhanced Mental & Energy

Acupuncture can enhance your mental clarity and increase your energy. It can treat sleep disorders and improve sleep with acupuncture therapy.

  • Relief From Digestive Conditions

Acupuncture can regulate the digestive system and also helps people who suffer from gastrointestinal disorders.



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