How To Find a Great Therapist

For many people, finding a therapist feels like a hit-or-miss prospect. You can increase your chances of finding a therapist with whom you can develop a meaningful relationship by taking your time before committing. Here are some ways to find a great therapist.

Ask Your Internist

If you don’t know where to go for therapy Lafayette La, you can start by asking your internist for some recommendations. Your internist is the person who oversees your overall healthcare and well-being and should be able to provide names of professionals suited to you.

Check With Your Insurance Provider

If you need to find a therapist that will accept your health insurance, start by getting a list of therapists’ names from your provider. You can ask your internist to recommend names from that list or research therapists close to your home or work.

Consult Therapy Organizations

Many psychology and therapy organizations provide online directories that can help you find a convenient therapist in your zip code area. Consult the listings of sources like Psychology Today or  Good Therapy, which offer individual therapists’ profiles and backgrounds.

Research the Approach

Many therapeutic relationships fail because the therapist’s approach does not meet the client’s expectations. For example, if you find yourself in treatment with someone who takes a psychoanalytic approach that depends upon you speaking about your childhood when you would prefer to focus on the present, your sessions may be counterproductive. If you are in therapy for a phobia, a cognitive-behavioral approach may be best for you.

Speak by Phone

Speaking directly with any therapist is an excellent way to decide if you would like to have further interactions with that person. A phone call can tell you if a therapist is a good listener and can provide a sense of their empathy level.

Taking the time to research a therapist who makes you feel supported and hopeful is the best way to get the most out of therapy.