Ways You Can Use Energy Supplement To Become Stronger than ever

Endurance effort mobilizes many resources, including nutrients from food. They are mainly converted into energy so that the muscles can contract and relax with maximum efficiency, and also so that they can properly recover after exercise. However, athletes who train with a high frequency need a greater amount of substrate in order to be able to sustain intense effort on a regular basis, necessary for progress. While a balanced diet is essential for performance, there are elements that it cannot provide in sufficient quantities. The supplements are then required. Butwhich food supplements to choose for endurance sports?

The multivitamin

The multivitamin is the essential food supplement for all sports. Regular and intensive physical activity overuses most of your vitamins, which are becoming increasingly scarce in your diet.

This means that it is more and more difficult to find the recommended daily allowances in your food, whether it is varied, balanced or even organic. Supplementing with a vitamin and mineral complex must become a reflex for absolutely all athletes.

Which multivitamin to choose?

There is a wide variety of vitamin supplements on the market as well as at snac.com, and the best option is to switch products regularly. It must contain at least vitamin C, all vitamins of the B group, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. The ideal is to Performance Supplement with a complex very rich in vitamin C, and containing at least two other sources of antioxidants (like selenium and glutathione) in addition to essential vitamins and minerals.

The protein

Protein is the nutrient that builds tissue. Also, it allows muscle fibers to repair themselves, an essential element for good muscle recovery. There are different types of protein powder, which absorb more or less quickly and have both distinct and complementary benefits.


This protein is also obtained from milk, of which it constitutes the solid part. This gives it a very long assimilation time and a positive action on muscle anabolism. The main advantage of casein is that it is satiating and helps stabilize insulin levels in the body.