The Facts About Medial Epicondylitis and How to Treat this Condition


Guys and girls who like to play a good round of golf, will sometimes develop a condition. And this condition is known as golfer’s elbow. This condition develops when a person overuses their elbow while playing golf. No golfer likes to experience this condition because it slows down their ability to play at their best. The following information will help you to understand how this basic injury develops and how you can treat this condition.

How Does a Person Develop This Condition?

When you consistently play a game of golf you might end up causing damage to the muscles and tendons in your wrists and fingers. According to Mayo Clinic, if this occurs it will usually lead to elbow damage for golfers. The primary reason why golfers experience this condition has to do with excessive or repeated stress. A person can also develop this ailment by using the wrong form when they swing a golf club.

Having the right form or technique when striking a golf ball helps to preserve a person’s body and to take stress off their tendons and muscles. If you are the type of person that swings wildly at a golf ball or just has an unorthodox method of playing; then you could be a prime candidate for developing elbow problems as a golfer. Also, you can cause this injury through repeated twisting and turning of your arm. This is why certain professions involving constant upper body motions are prone to this problem as well. Painters, butchers and cooks tend to experience elbow problems as well that results from this problem.

How Does This Condition Affect the Arm?

Medline Plus describes this condition as small tears that develop on the tendons within a person’s arm. When this happens when they develop this elbow condition. This in turn leads to irritation and pain where the tendons meet the bone. Keep in mind that the medical name for this condition is medial epicondylitis. When a person develops medial epicondylitis, certain symptoms will start to show up.

If you have this ailment you might have pain and tenderness on the inner side of their arm near the elbow. Your arm could also feel stiff and it might hurt when you try to use your hands to perform certain tasks. Sometimes this condition will lead to weakness in the arm and cause your hands and wrists to not be useful. A tingling feeling and numbness might develop in your hands. The pain in your arm might happen all at once or it might occur intermittently. If you can’t bend your elbow, develop a burning sensation or suspect that you might have broken a bone; go see your doctor immediately.

Treatment for Medial Epicondylitis

The best way to treat this problem is by applying ice to your wound and resting. This also includes not playing golf for a while. You should use a brace to help support your damaged arm. Physical therapy treatments can help to strengthen this part of your body as well. Many doctors recommend a progressive strengthening technique to help get your elbow back in shape. This type of physical therapy is very effective for reconnecting the tendons in the arm. Medial Epicondylitis problems can be effectively treated with these medical tips.