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On this acupuncture shop online, you can find a variety of medical equipment and instruments at an affordable price. Dongbang acupuncture needle in Korea is famous and best-selling, with a super smooth insertion in handling. When the needling is disposed of properly, they reduce waste by 85%, keeping the environment clean and fresh.

Whether your patients need heat therapy or cupping, you can purchase the dry needling supplies you need here. The dry needling uses sophisticated pressure point locators to pinpoint the location of your body pain. If you have electric cupping sets, inserting the dry needling supplies its ease of insertion into the muscles. Even without electrical stimulation, dry needling can decrease pain and tighten muscles. Therefore, You can save 15% on your first order by purchasing these dry needlings and offer free shipping for $500 above.

What available acupuncture needles do they offer?

The Dongbang acupuncture is the best-selling needle in Korea and is a quality cosmetic J-type needle for acupuncture therapy. However, here are the best products for dry needling for your acupuncture clinic, such as:

  • J Type Acupuncture Needles For Hand and Face

These needles are high-quality surgical stainless steel wire made in Japan and Germany. The J-Type are auto machine-grinded needle tips made 100% by high-tech molding automation.

  • DongBang DB100 Spring Metal Acupuncture Needles

These needles are single with an insertion tube and sterile. You can use the needle for tube needling because it has smooth, sharp needles and is high quality with surgical-grade stainless steel. These needles are used for musculoskeletal Practitioners because it is easy to use with color-coded holding tabs and best-sellers.

  • DongBang DB106 Spring Metal Acupuncture Needles

These needles are rare, affordable, and unique with produce less waste. The blister pack will save you money and time by allowing you to access the needling quickly and efficiently.

What is the advantage of their acupuncture dry needles products?

The dry needling or so-called trigger point, these needling can relieve your muscular tension through the treatment of your muscles and trigger point. Dry needling is an accomplishment by the physical therapist, medical doctors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and others who have received special training.  

Is the dry needling safe?

Acupuncture needling techniques are practices between practitioners. Some traditional Chinese doctors use twisting the needle, and although initially, it feels uncomfortable, it can relieve chronic and acute back pain.

Dry needling and acupuncture from acupuncturists are safe because all needles are individually packaged and sterile. Therefore, the risk of infection is low. Additionally, there are some studies regarding of acupuncture for dry needling is safe and effective in treating:

  • muscular tension
  • myofascial release for back pain
  • neck pain
  • fibromyalgia
  • shoulder conditions
  • relief stress
  • migraine
  • muscle cramps
  • digestive function, and more



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