Tips for Choosing a Great Personal trainer

Your personal trainer should have the skills and knowledge necessary to work in the physical training field, but certifications do not always mean expertise. Therefore, before you search “personal trainer Novato CA,” you will need to conduct research and carefully consider the available local trainers prior to hiring your coach.


You should identify your personal fitness and training goals. They should be realistic. For example, you shouldn’t expect to work out for 30 minutes per week and be ready to compete in a triathlon in six months. Your objectives should be a reflection of the time you dedicate to your training and your current physical health.

You should also have goals for your trainer. Considering the activities that you enjoy may help you formulate these goals. For example, if you have joint pain, lifting weights for hours on end may cause you further injury and may not help you reach your objectives. Similarly, if you want to build muscle, you should not hire a trainer who is focused on cardio.


Ask friends, family members and peers about the personal trainers they have worked with in the past. What were their experiences? What were their goals, and did they meet them? Find out if they are still working with their trainers.


Check out your prospective trainers. For example, do they have certifications, degrees or expertise in your area of interest? Are they members of accredited organizations, such as the American Council on Exercise?

Next, research their experience. How long have they been trainers, and are they focused in specific areas? Have they worked with clients at your fitness level?


You should meet with potential trainers to see if their philosophy, specialties and personality meet your needs. You may also ask for and check their references. Ask about their availability to determine whether they can dedicate the time necessary for you to meet your goals.

Personal trainers are assets on the road to physical fitness. Be sure to choose a trainer who will help you reach your physical goals.



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