How to Fill the Vape Tank with Liquid

Vaping has been increasing day by day as it is a good way to smoke without bringing a lot of harm and danger to oneself. The vape pen has many components and to refill the tank might be confusing when you are doing it for the first time. Now many vaporizers can be filled from the top, while others are filled from the bottom.

The first thing you need to do before you do anything else is to take apart the vape pen. Dribble a few drops of the CBD Vape Juice into the coil and completely fill the tank. It is that easy.

In today’s article, we will discuss the above-given instructions in more detail and how you can fill the tank, whether from above or below.

Top-Filled Vape

  • Dismantle the vape’s tank. Open the airflow port which should be placed at the bottom of the vape. After you have opened that, you can see a coil inside, just pull it out, leaving the tank and a top connecter and a mouthpiece left inside. If you want to use different flavourings for the vape, then you have to clean the entire tank and refill it.


  • Dribble a single drop of the e-liquid in each of the cotton holes which is in the coil. Normally when you purchase the e-juice, the bottle cap is like a dropper so just unscrew the top and fill the entire dropper with the liquid. After filling the dropper, put a single drop in each cotton hole on the coil, almost every coil has 6 holes so you will need to put 6 drops. This whole process is called coil preparation and by doing this, your coil can last for a long time.


  • Fill the entire tank up till the indicated line with the liquid. The access point for the e-juice will be visible when you have taken off the top connector. After unscrewing the dropper of the e-liquid, dribble the liquid inside the tank until it reaches the indicated line. You have to be cautious as to not get e-juice in the center tube which is the airway. If you accidentally got the liquid in the airway you need to clean it out as you might inhale the e-juice in its liquid form.


  • After you have filled the tank, reassemble all the parts of the vape the way they were before. Before you begin vaping, do wait for 3 – 5 minutes as the coil gets saturated. Then you can begin vaping.


In another case, where your vaporizer has a bottom filling. Just unscrew the bottom metal piece and slide the coil out. Clean the tank if you are changing the flavorings. Then just like before dribbling a drop or two of CBD vape oil on the coil and then fill the entire tank up till the indicated mark. Then put all the pieces back together and you are good to go.