The Best Foods for Oral Health

Who Says You Just Cannot Bring The Glowing And Shinning Teeth Once Again?

Many people are self-conscious about their smile. After all, the mouth and teeth are one of the first areas that help to make a good impression. People will go to many lengths to ensure they are putting their best look forward, either through the use of at home products or South Florida laser dentistry assistance. In spite of the desire to have a dazzlingly white smile, a trip to the dentist’s office might bring stress and anxiety. Although you should never put off professional oral hygiene, there are several foods that you can eat that may improve the report you get from your local dentist.

Go With the Calcium

Your teeth are coated with an outer shell called enamel. This protects your teeth from erosion and cavities. Eating foods rich in calcium help fortify and strengthen the enamel. Yogurt, cheese, and milk are great sources of calcium.

Get Your Vitamins

In order to maintain healthy gums, your diet should be rich with vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is key supplement for fighting infection and preventing bacteria growth. Citrus fruits can be acidic to the teeth, so turning to spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes are healthy alternatives for this vitamin.

Play up the Phosphorus

While calcium helps with the coating of your teeth, it also works to increase the strength of your jaw bone. These are the bones that hold your teeth in place. Calcium relies on phosphorus to maximize its strength and density properties. Eating foods like lean meat, fish, eggs, poultry, nuts, and beans can increase your daily intake of phosphorus.

Keep the Hygiene Going

In addition to improving your diet, you can also take care of your teeth and gum health by following recommended oral hygiene practices. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss daily. Avoid sugary foods or drinks and continually snacking. All of this can improve your oral health and give you peace of mind for your next dental appointment.