Today the world has contracted from all the wide means of communication to a small device that you carry in your pocket called a mobile phone. A mobile phone is used by a large percentage of the world’s population to stay up to date, communicate, and connect. However, the importance of the large screens of […]

Vaping has become a hobby for most youths, especially those who want to quit traditional smoking for health reasons. Ideally, the concept of using electronic cigarettes is to get stimulation similar to what comes from regular smoking. There are many e-juices available on the market, both online and physical shops. Regardless of what place you […]

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In terms of morbidity and number of deaths, pathology of the cardiovascular system takes the first place worldwide. Every year there is a decrease in the age of patients suffering from “heart diseases” and an increase in the percentage of disability among the population suffering from cardiac diseases. Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that you take […]

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