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The best things about cardiologist

In terms of morbidity and number of deaths, pathology of the cardiovascular system takes the first place worldwide. Every year there is a decrease in the age of patients suffering from “heart diseases” and an increase in the percentage of disability among the population suffering from cardiac diseases.

Therefore, doctors strongly recommend that you take responsibility for your health and immediately contact a cardiologist when the most insignificant at first glance symptoms appear.

What symptoms should alert you?

Frequent increase in blood pressure (BP). Its high numbers are a risk factor for stroke, heart attack, and chronic heart failure. An examination by cardiologists will help to find out the cause of the increase in blood pressure, and then the specialist of will give recommendations on how to normalize it.

Pain in the chest behind the sternum. If pain appears during physical work, radiates to the neck, left arm, under the left shoulder blade and disappears after exercise, this is a reason to immediately consult a doctor.

Interruptions in the work of the heart. Rapid (more than 90 beats per minute) or slow (less than 40-50 beats) heartbeat may indicate the development of serious cardiac pathologies.

  • Loss of consciousness and dizziness. Such symptoms, as well as darkening in the eyes, severe weakness without loss of consciousness, often develop as a result of heart rhythm disturbances, heart defects, and strokes.
  • Shortness of breath is one of the important signs of heart failure.
  • Swelling of the legs. They appear with many heart diseases, so this symptom should not be ignored.
  • High cholesterol. High cholesterol levels can lead to myocardial infarction, stroke, and vascular lesions in the legs. The cardiologist will give advice on how to lower cholesterol and maintain it at the required level.

However, it is necessary to contact a cardiologist not only when complaints appear. Due to the fact that cardiac problems today are increasingly occurring at a young age, it is recommended that all people over 35 years of age undergo periodic heart examinations. Even if your condition is satisfactory.

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Benefits of At-Home Healthcare Services

If someone in your family needs help with day to day activities and you are unable to provide this care yourself, a smart option is to consider home health services. However, not all service providers are the same. This means it is up to you to find the right service provider for the job.

While finding a quality service offering healthcare at home Westchester County is the first part of the process, you may still be hesitant to let a stranger come in your home and care for a family member. However, this option provides you with an array of benefits, which are found below.

Your Loved One Can Remain at Home and Comfortable

With at-home healthcare services, your loved one gets to remain in their home, where they are happy and comfortable. This is something that will help with their overall happiness and well-being. While they will remain at home, they still get assistance with various things throughout the day, which means you can have peace of mind that no serious issues will arise. You will also have someone, the home health worker, you can check in with throughout the day to ensure your loved one is receiving the care they need.

You Get Peace of Mind

When someone is at home with your loved one throughout the day, you can feel confident your loved one will receive the help and care they need This helps to take the stress off you and lets you handle the other responsibilities that you have.

Finding the Right Home Health Service

When it is time to find home health care services, be sure to find the right service for the job. This is going to pay off and help ensure your loved one gets the care that they need. Being informed is the best way to ensure the desired results are achieved.

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A Comprehensive Guide for After Cataract Surgery Care

A cataract is a cloudy, painless area in the lens of the eye. The lens is contained within a lining called the lens capsule. Cataract surgery use to distinct the cataract from the lens capsule. In most cases, the lens is replaced with an intraocular lens (IOL). If an IOL cannot be used, contact lenses or glasses can be used to compensate for the missing lens.

Why is it done?

The decision to have this procedure is based on whether:

  • Vision problems caused by cataract affect your job or lifestyle.
  • Glare from bright lights is a problem.
  • You cannot pass an eye exam required to get a driver’s license.
  • Go double.
  • You notice a big difference to see when you compare one eye to the other.
  • You have additional vision-threatening eye disease, for examplemacular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.

The surgeon may need to do standard extracapsular cataract removal (ECCE) instead of phacoemulsification if the cataract is too hard to fragment with sound waves (ultrasound).


Cataract surgery is successful for 85-92 out of 100 adults. Surgery can also improve sight in babies with cataracts.Visit website of the kraff eye institute for the further details of expenditure.

In a study, it is been said that 95 out of the 100 adults were happy with theirsurgery results. The people who were not satisfied were older adults who had other eye problems along with the cataracts.

People who have cataract surgery usually:

  • See better
  • Have greater mobility and independence.
  • Relieve the fear of going blind.

What to Expect After Surgery

Before leaving the outpatient center, you will receive the immediate post-operative eye care you will need. The surgeon will review the symptoms of possible complications, eye protection, activities, medications, and required visits (see below). It will also tell you what to do for urgent care if you need it. Parts of the follow-up can be done by another healthcare professional, such as an optometrist or a community health nurse.

The eye that was operated on can be bandaged for 1 night after surgery. You will wear a protective eye patch at night for about a week. Normally, there is no significant pain after surgery.

You will most likely need to see your doctor for check-ups 1 or 2 days after surgery and again a few weeks after surgery. If any complications occur, visits should be made earlier and more frequently.

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Ways to Avoid Contact With Germs

As much as we try to avoid touching germy surfaces, sometimes it’s just impossible. Humans evolved with deft fingers for a reason – you need them to complete a variety of tasks from opening doors, or typing in a PIN or signing a credit card receipt. There are a couple of options available to keep your hands as germ-free as possible.

Special Devices

To avoid contact with public devices, it’s helpful to have special manipulative devices that help you complete everyday tasks. You can carry around your own stylus for electronic signatures, for example. Some businesses install hooks at the bottom of the doors so that they can be opened with the toe of your shoe. There is an ever-growing market for touchless devices too, like trash cans, soap dispensers and faucets.


Men and women of yesteryear may have had it right with their assortment of gloves for every occasion. It was rare that bare hands touched anything outside the home. In an age when public bathrooms were not readily available for hand washing, wearing gloves prevented the spread of germs. Today, many people choose to carry disposable gloves with them for touching shopping carts or handling items in stores. If you’re not keen on wearing gloves, a folded paper towel is a decent substitute. Keep a roll of in your car and one or two in your pocket for pumping gas or opening doors.

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer generally falls into one of two categories. It kills germs already on your hands, or it offers protection against germs you may come in contact with in the future. No sanitizer is going to last for too long and some brands the government has actually warned consumers against using, but there are some that offer limited protection after it’s applied. Use the sanitizer before you go out in public and wash your hands carefully after you return home.

There is no way to completely avoid touching publicly used items 100%. There are ways to cut down on the transference of germs from those surfaces.

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Ways You Can Use Energy Supplement To Become Stronger than ever

Endurance effort mobilizes many resources, including nutrients from food. They are mainly converted into energy so that the muscles can contract and relax with maximum efficiency, and also so that they can properly recover after exercise. However, athletes who train with a high frequency need a greater amount of substrate in order to be able to sustain intense effort on a regular basis, necessary for progress. While a balanced diet is essential for performance, there are elements that it cannot provide in sufficient quantities. The supplements are then required. Butwhich food supplements to choose for endurance sports?

The multivitamin

The multivitamin is the essential food supplement for all sports. Regular and intensive physical activity overuses most of your vitamins, which are becoming increasingly scarce in your diet.

This means that it is more and more difficult to find the recommended daily allowances in your food, whether it is varied, balanced or even organic. Supplementing with a vitamin and mineral complex must become a reflex for absolutely all athletes.

Which multivitamin to choose?

There is a wide variety of vitamin supplements on the market as well as at, and the best option is to switch products regularly. It must contain at least vitamin C, all vitamins of the B group, vitamin D, magnesium and calcium. The ideal is to Performance Supplement with a complex very rich in vitamin C, and containing at least two other sources of antioxidants (like selenium and glutathione) in addition to essential vitamins and minerals.

The protein

Protein is the nutrient that builds tissue. Also, it allows muscle fibers to repair themselves, an essential element for good muscle recovery. There are different types of protein powder, which absorb more or less quickly and have both distinct and complementary benefits.


This protein is also obtained from milk, of which it constitutes the solid part. This gives it a very long assimilation time and a positive action on muscle anabolism. The main advantage of casein is that it is satiating and helps stabilize insulin levels in the body.

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Benefits of using vaporizers and choosing the best vaporizer

There is an increased use of CBD in the modern days. There are many ways in which the CBD can be consumed, and there have been various inventions to this effect. The most exciting design is the vaporizer. The vaporizer provides a way in which you can benefit from medical marijuana without having to smoke it. You can get a good idea about vapes in general by reading the best vaporizer reviews on

They are many advantages of taking medicine using vaporization including;


As a person experiencing unpleasant symptoms and needs to take CBDs if you use the vaporization method, you will be relieved faster than other consumption methods. The vaporizers that are used for making the vapor have the best vaporizer reviews. The fast-acting is enabled because the steam quickly enters the bloodstream and reaches the brain quickly.


If you use the top-rated vaporizers, you will experience a convenient way to consume medical marijuana. You can look for portable vaporizer reviews to get small and easy to use vaporizers.


If you smoke marijuana medicine, everyone will know that you have taken medication. As a patient, you may feel the need to be discreet and not ruin everyone’s environment. The simple solution to this problem is the use of vaporizers. With the vaporizers, the smell is milder, and it dissipates quickly; hence no one will even have a clue that you are using marijuana medicine.

Can be used to consume any flower product

The vaporizers have been designed to consume any flower product. It does not matter whether you are using marijuana medicine or hemp CBDs. The vaporizer will help you. Other forms of taking the medication, such as tablets, do not offer this type of flexibility.

There are many advantages to the vaporizers, and one needs to consider a few things before getting one. The items you should consider when buying a vaporizer are;

Type of cannabis product you need to use

There are different designs of vaporizers designed for different products. There are flowers and concentrates vaporizers. The concentrate vaporizers are usually smaller in size. As you buy the vaporizer, you need to consider what you will be consuming in the future.


The price of vaporizers varies between different vaporizers. As a person looking for a good vaporizer, look for one which has the required features at a reasonable price. Do not buy vaporizers that do not have essential functions simply because they have low prices.


It is an important feature to consider when buying a vaporizer. There are hand-held vaporizers that enable one to carry around. If you are moving around more, buy a smaller size. The big vaporizers are for people who stay at home.

Bottom Line

The use of vaporizers is the best way of consuming marijuana medicine. There many benefits if you choose the right vaporizer. Always know what to look for before buying a vaporizer. The doctors and experts can help you use vaporizers for your health benefit. As a CBD consumer, you should consider this type of consumption method.

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How Herbalife Nutrition Is Working to Fight Global Hunger and Malnutrition

Let’s face it—hunger and malnutrition have taken a toll on the world population. Thousands of people can’t afford a meal a day, translating to a poor diet, which eventually leads to malnutrition.

If estimates by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations are anything to go by, about two billion people could be undernourished by 2050. Shocking, right? A lack of enough nutritious food is the leading cause of obesity, mental, and developmental disorders.

Herbalife Nutrition’s new initiative, Nutrition for Zero Hunger, works towards zero malnutrition, undernutrition, obesity, and micronutrient deficiency by 2030. They’ve pledged $2 million in the next three years towards this.

1. Global Partnerships

Herbalife Nutrition has partnered with a global network of non-profit organizations  that advocate for the eradication of children’s hunger worldwide. Partnerships with such NGOs reflect the company’s commitment toward improving access to quality food and nutrition.

Funds and in-kind donations help support programs that provide food assistance to families in the U.S. and other international countries, supporting millions of people each year.

2. Product Donation

Herbalife Nutrition has 40 years of experience in matters of nutrition, providing health and science-backed nutritional products to support a healthy population.

Nutrient density (the number of nutrients per calorie) is a critical factor to consider when donating nutritious products. For instance, food items with calories that are saturated with sugar and fats only provide lower nutritional value as compared to foods with calories containing additional nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

The meal replacement shakes, and other Herbalife Nutrition products, all meet  nutrient density requirement, providing up to 21 vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

3. Raising Awareness

Through the Nutrition for Zero Hunger campaign, Herbalife Nutrition partners with the media, leaders, and the general public to reach millions of people annually, urging them to join in the fight to eradicate hunger and malnutrition. The organization is also using social media. With the #NutritionForZeroHunger, Herbalife Nutrition is raising awareness with people around the globe.

4. Women Empowerment

Because of such factors as gender inequality and culture, women are often impacted by hunger and malnutrition.

Herbalife Nutrition has been focusing on providing solutions to these factors by providing resources, sensitization, and empowerment to reduce food insecurity, hunger, and malnutrition.

5. Nutrition Education

Education is a critical tool in advocating good health, nutrition, and a good lifestyle. Herbalife Nutrition partners with dietitians and nutritionists worldwide to develop and distribute tools to enable people to make healthy choices.

The organization partners with other stakeholders to distribute resources that foster nutrition education among people of different gender, age, and geographical learning.

Final Thoughts

Since its inception, Herbalife Nutrition has committed to improving the lives of the world population by providing proper nutrition. The Nutrition for Zero Hunger initiative has helped to achieve this goal, and through the various programs supported by the initiative, the world might hit the zero hunger mark sooner than we all ever imagined.

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How to Minimize the Stress of Caring for An Elderly Parent in Your Home

New caregivers have a lot on their plates. They have assumed the responsibility for the health and well-being of a senior citizen who relies upon their compassionate in-home senior care in Boca Raton. When it comes to providing that care for one or both elderly parents who are living inside of your home, the typical stressors associated with caregiving can be exponentially exacerbated for any number of reasons.

But it’s all in how you handle those stressors that can prevent you from suffering the effects of burnout and exhaustion. Sometimes, a caregiver can begin to feel as if their life is becoming overwhelmed with not just the responsibility of providing care for an elderly parent but also the challenges and responsibilities that are part and parcel of their average day. If that caregiver also has a family of his or her own, that brings a whole level of pressure in those obligations.

If you are among the thousands in this country who are juggling these multiple duties, you are probably feeling the pressure bearing down on you heavily. It’s okay, we are here to help. We have some tips for you to keep in mind that can help you minimize the stress of caring for an elderly parent in your home:

Stick to A Routine

You may already know this or it could be the key to finding a successful way to cope with all you have on your shoulders right now. Establish a routine, a way of doing things, a blueprint for your day, that must be followed step by step, day in and day out. Routines are a great way to help you prioritize all of the things you need to accomplish in your day.

Take Care of Yourself

Don’t feel guilty for putting yourself first from time to time. You need the respite from all that is expected of you and if you don’t take it, you will get sick physically, and break down emotionally. An occasional disconnect is vital for healing yourself and taking steps to maintain your well-being is going to do you a world of good.

That requires watching what you eat, getting plenty of exercise, ad switching off from responsibility every so often. Failing to take some time to relax and recover, will not only make you ill but it could bring up feelings of anger and resentment towards you parents and other people in your life.

Have A Good Doctor on Call

Your elderly parents are going to have health challenges that will need to be addressed at some point. As we age, our bodies start to break down. When we get sick or have a problem we go to the doctor. But the elderly need to have medical professionals who specialize in treating senior citizens and having this type of physician on call if and when your parents need medical attention will be highly beneficial.

Don’t Go It Alone

Never hesitate to ask for outside assistance if you need it. Whether it’s friends, family, or hired help, don’t try to take on all of this by yourself.

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2 Benefits of Choosing a Family Dentistry

With millions of people in the country suffering from some form of tooth decay, it may seem as if good dental care is hard to find. It really isn’t. Instead of looking for a dentist to care for your immediate dental needs during emergencies, it is more beneficial for you to choose a Park Slope family dentistry. Here are a couple of reasons why.

A Home Breeds Comfort and Familiarity

Anxiety, fear, and discomfort are among the most common reasons people forgo seeing the dentist. Not getting to the dental office regularly helps those feelings to thrive. Though you may not need to see a dentist more than a few times a year, it is best for you to go a practice that specializes in all aspects of dental care so you can get used to the staff and develop a more personable relationship with them that fosters comfort and familiarity.

Preventative Care Reduces Emergencies

Routine care is necessary to reduce the need for emergency dental and health care. Keep in mind some dental emergencies involve uncontrollable factors, such as sports injuries, car accidents, and genetics. However, the vast majority of dental emergencies that involve root canals, fillings, and tooth replacements stem from a lack of preventative dental care, tooth decay, and poor oral hygiene. Seeing the dentist regularly enables early detection of potential issues that could cause major problems with your teeth and gums and overall health in the future. It also makes it possible for you to receive care during the early stages so you can save your teeth, time, money, and enjoy a better outcome.

Your teeth are part of your appearance. A dirty, damaged smile can have a significant and negative impact on more than what others see. Poor dental health can cause pain, discomfort, poor self-esteem, and keep you from enjoying the life you are meant to live. Eliminate the challenges to a healthy and happy smile by seeing the dentist as often as necessary.

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Is Modafinil the Most Effective Smart Drug in the World?

A new meta-study certifies the drug to be effective nootropic. But the last word has not been spoken yet.

Smart drugs, also known as nootropics, are already available here and there on the net , but there is still little consensus on how effectively substances such as modafilnil improve cognitive ability in people who are perfectly healthy but have their minds like to tune a bit.

A scientific study from last week comes to promising conclusions about the properties of one of the most famous smart drugs: Modafinil. Modafinil is usually prescribed for sleep disorders like narcolepsy. But even students, managers and hackers use the remedy occasionally, even though they sleep wonderfully – because they allegedly have perceived an increased brain power through consumption.

The paper underpins this popular assertion by Modafinil fans. Ruairidh Battleday and Anna-Katharine Brem of the University of Oxford and Harvard Medical School conducted a metastatic study on the effect of modafinil on healthy people and concluded: “It may well be that Modafinil is the first well-validated ‘nootropic’ pharmaceutical Active ingredient is. ”

Is it alright to swallow a pill that makes you smarter?

And not only that: the authors report that Modafinil “has almost no side effects or mood swings.” If noticeable at all, Modafinil “positively affects mood”. The meta-study on modafinil came in the first place, because scientists are so far disagreeing about the effect of the substance. Battleday and Brem compared a total of 24 studies on the cognitive effects of Mondafinil between 1990 and 2014, the results and methodologies of which differed significantly.

In most studies, the same tasks were performed once by people who had taken modafinil and then again by people given a placebo. However, the difficulty of these tasks varied greatly from study to study. Some subjects were faced with difficult, others with rather light tests.

The metastudy found that studies with more complex cognitive tests were more likely to see modalert as a beneficial effect on brain performance than simple tests. The positive effect of modafinil seems more likely to be felt in more complex mental processes.
Here is the full video about modafinil:

So we need a better method to check the cognitive effect of nootropics, concluded Battleday and Brem. For simple cognitive tasks are usually resorted to when examining people with cognitive deficits. However, they seem inappropriate to detect the effect of drugs to improve thinking beyond normal levels. So how do you measure individual brain performance beyond the ordinary?

How should we evaluate a drug that enhances the performance of healthy people?

Thanks to the meta-study, we have come a long way closer to the effects of Modafinil. However, many ethical questions remain unanswered: is it okay to take a pill that makes you smarter? (Apart from the fact that Modafinil is of course by no means officially approved.) Is it also okay to treat yourself before a test a small brain doping?

In any case, the results of the study show how important this debate is, said Guy Goodwin, President of the European College of Neuropsychopharmacology : “Previous discussions on such remedies have always been based on exaggerated positive effects, even though they were not confirmed at all. The new data mean that this ethical debate has arrived in reality: how should we evaluate a means that enhances the human performance of even those who have no mental limitations? ”

Also on Reddit , people who have tried several such substances have until now disagreed as to whether these putative “smart” remedies work at all and point out, among other things, a study that does not appear in the meta- study , concluding: “Modafinil does not improve the overall cognitive performance of healthy, non-sleepy students, except in modest activities.” Modafinil is easily available on

It seems that the last word in modafinil is far from being spoken. Only one thing is certain: nootropics are already among us.