Why You Should Try Shamanic Healing

When it comes to trying to improve your life and health, there can be many ways to go about it. However, what some may not realize is that there can be a lot more ways to start feeling better physically, mentally and spiritually than just working out, eating better or meditating. One way to do this is to try shamanic healing Brattleboro VT for example.

What Is Shamanic Healing?

If you aren’t sure what shamanic healing is, it is an ancient practice that has been around for centuries and centuries and has been practiced by different people all over the world. This kind of healing is largely focused on the soul, and how to heal a person spiritually.

Many who practice shamanic healing believe that the root of many illnesses stems from a spiritual issue, rather than just a physical one, and that by addressing the healing that needs to happen in the spirit, other areas like your body and emotions may in turn become healed as well. Additionally, sometimes it isn’t just about healing, but also removing negative energy from your life or helping to give you clarity and guidance about an important life issue.

What Are the Benefits?

There can be many benefits to this type of healing. Not only can it give you a greater sense of wellbeing in general, but it can help you to deal with spiritual difficulties and life decisions as well. Beyond that, there are some that also claim to experience physical healing as a result of shamanic healing, like an improved immune system and greater resistance to stress.

Last Thoughts

There can be many ways to improve your overall health, from dieting to exercise to meditation. However, if you’re looking for a way to heal spiritually as well giving something like shamanic healing a try may be the right move for you.


Can You Gain Control Over Your Sciatic Nerve Pain? Here are 4 Things To Try

Are you experiencing discomfort in the lower back region? Does a pain sometimes shoot down the spine? The sciatic nerve runs along the bottom portion of the spinal cord, branching off into the hips and legs. When this area becomes inflamed or a disk comes out of alignment, the discomfort flares up, interfering with daily activities. Going about your day, though, may not need to be interrupted as there are ways to improve the condition. It’s imperative, however, that you consult your physician about sciatica treatment Jacksonville FL before starting a treatment plan. Speak with a medical professional about the following possibilities.

1. Practice Yoga

Mild agitation could be alleviated with routine exercise and stretching. Participants should be careful of which positions are used. Concentrate on areas that help realign the spine, reducing pressure. Spend 10 to 15 minutes a day going through techniques like child’s pose, downward-facing dog and cobra. These allow you to elongate the back. Don’t go too far. Pain is a warning sign in this case. Just remember not to pull on the muscles too much. In fact, your first few sessions should probably be guided by someone knowledgeable in the yoga technique.

2. Take Brief Walks

Inflammation happens when the body begins to swell. While over the counter products such as ibuprofen can battle it, short little walks can also help. Maintain good posture. Slouching could exacerbate the condition. Instead, have a straight back and focus on relaxation. If you’re unsure of stance, take an appointment with a physical therapist, requesting proper direction.

3. Receive Medication

While many cases are mild with recovery within a few weeks, some people may experience excruciating pain. In this case, specialists could minimize discomfort with prescription drugs. Typically this consists of either a muscle relaxant or an anti-inflammatory.

4. Consider Surgery

If home- or in-office methods don’t work, begin asking surgeons about a diskectomy and laminectomy. For the first one, the doctor should locate the cause of excess pressure or damage. This may be a herniated disk or bone spur. During operation, the issue is removed, permitting the spine to function properly again. In the latter, attention should be given to the lamina, a ring of bone that surrounds the spinal cord. Complications in that section require cutting out the damaged section. In both options, anesthesia is provided, and patients typically go home within 24 hours.

You might be able to get relief. Be open to various choices, and collaborate with professionals.


How to Fill the Vape Tank with Liquid

Vaping has been increasing day by day as it is a good way to smoke without bringing a lot of harm and danger to oneself. The vape pen has many components and to refill the tank might be confusing when you are doing it for the first time. Now many vaporizers can be filled from the top, while others are filled from the bottom.

The first thing you need to do before you do anything else is to take apart the vape pen. Dribble a few drops of the CBD Vape Juice into the coil and completely fill the tank. It is that easy.

In today’s article, we will discuss the above-given instructions in more detail and how you can fill the tank, whether from above or below.

Top-Filled Vape

  • Dismantle the vape’s tank. Open the airflow port which should be placed at the bottom of the vape. After you have opened that, you can see a coil inside, just pull it out, leaving the tank and a top connecter and a mouthpiece left inside. If you want to use different flavourings for the vape, then you have to clean the entire tank and refill it.


  • Dribble a single drop of the e-liquid in each of the cotton holes which is in the coil. Normally when you purchase the e-juice, the bottle cap is like a dropper so just unscrew the top and fill the entire dropper with the liquid. After filling the dropper, put a single drop in each cotton hole on the coil, almost every coil has 6 holes so you will need to put 6 drops. This whole process is called coil preparation and by doing this, your coil can last for a long time.


  • Fill the entire tank up till the indicated line with the liquid. The access point for the e-juice will be visible when you have taken off the top connector. After unscrewing the dropper of the e-liquid, dribble the liquid inside the tank until it reaches the indicated line. You have to be cautious as to not get e-juice in the center tube which is the airway. If you accidentally got the liquid in the airway you need to clean it out as you might inhale the e-juice in its liquid form.


  • After you have filled the tank, reassemble all the parts of the vape the way they were before. Before you begin vaping, do wait for 3 – 5 minutes as the coil gets saturated. Then you can begin vaping.


In another case, where your vaporizer has a bottom filling. Just unscrew the bottom metal piece and slide the coil out. Clean the tank if you are changing the flavorings. Then just like before dribbling a drop or two of CBD vape oil on the coil and then fill the entire tank up till the indicated mark. Then put all the pieces back together and you are good to go.


The Teen Author Fighting for Mental Health Awareness in Her Community

Mental health has increasingly been an important topic to tackle, especially as some clinicians and politicians have declared the U.S. to be struggling with a “mental health crisis” (see, e.g. the resource page by the National Alliance on Mental Illness). In the past couple of years, the topic has been addressed by politicians, users on social media platforms, and even by some important celebrities who speak up with the hopes of bringing awareness to the topic.

But not all communities are benefiting from the increased pressure on mental health education and resources.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, “Racial/ethnic, gender, and sexual minorities often suffer from poor mental health outcomes due to multiple factors including inaccessibility of high-quality mental health care services, the cultural stigma surrounding mental health care, discrimination, and overall lack of awareness about mental health.”

In particular, there is currently a taboo surrounding mental illness in the South-Asian-American community, where the cultural understanding of conditions like anxiety and depression tends to be that the symptoms simply don’t exist and, for sufferers, “it is all in their head” (and therefore “less real” than physical ailments). This minority is directly affected by their parents’ views on mental illness.

Dr. Jyothsna Bhat (PsyD) explained part of the community-specific stigmatization in the National Register of Health Service Psychologist: “Even though Indians have experienced depression, schizophrenia, and other issues, those suffering from mental illness are still not completely accepted in mainstream Indian society. South Asians immigrating to the United States have naturally brought these biases and fears with them. Many believe mental illness is not a real illness, but rather the product of hysteria or an overactive imagination.” Therefore, in the South Asian American community, “A person with depression is often dismissed as just playing the victim. Someone dealing with anxiety or stress is seen as merely weak-minded.”

Nineteen-year-old author, Shoilee Banerjee, is on a mission to fight the stigma in her community. She believes that one way to destigmatize anxiety and depression is through mental health representation in fiction. That is what she seeks to do in her upcoming young adult novel, Something, coming out from Leaf Publishing in May 2020.

Something follows the story of Aleeya Rai, a high schooler and aspiring singer who is learning to deal with her emotions, as teenagers, we start to experience more emotions every day and most of the time we don’t know how to handle them

Adult and teen readers alike will leave the book with a greater understanding of the importance of mental health advocacy in the South-Asian-American community. Through the fictitious character of Aleeya Rai, Shoilee Banerjee hopes to fight the stigmatization of depression and anxiety in her Indian community and to share a story that hits close to home for her and teens like her.

Banerjee originally wrote Something as a response to the mental health crises that she saw all around her in her Boston-area high school. After winning many national writing competitions and seeing young members of her community struggle with anxiety and depression, she was inspired to use the power of her words for a greater good. She believed that they needed a story that felt like a friend. That they needed an empathetic story written by a teen of color for teens of color.

She’s able to share that story with the help of Leaf Publishing, an independent publishing house that puts authors first. They understood how important it was for the author to represent her community, and how impactful her words would be even from her young age.

Banerjee combined her passion for writing with her interest in medicine to craft Something. At the moment, Shoilee studies Public Health at the University of Massachusetts and works as an infectious disease researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital—the same hospital where she was born.

Through her words and her research, Banerjee seeks to continue to advocate for those who have a hard time finding their own voice and for those who have already found theirs.

Find out more information at


Experts Explain How a Latex Foam Pillow Alleviates Neck and Shoulder Pain

We need to sleep at least seven to eight hours a day for our bodies to function properly. If neck pain and strains of the shoulder constantly interrupt us, we will wake up feeling tired, irritable and sore. Many people rush to buy expensive mattresses, which can help with posture, but pillows are always forgotten. Here’s the answer to our bad morning sleep patterns and aches in your solution-you need a really good latex foam pillow.

Mother Earth has supplied us with a natural rubber made of latex, sapped and grown in rubber tresses for a multitude of items such as tyres, pillows, foam mattresses, and so on. Such plants are cultivated in Europe, India, Indonesia and South America’s hot climates.

Then there is also the synthetic latex form that is fully manufactured in a factory using chemicals and secret ingredients. This latex is just as effective in its use as the bi-product of the natural rubber crop, and some choose to use it as opposed to a tree’s rubber. Their reasoning is vast, but the main one in poor villages is to prevent soil erosion.

If you have allergies, lying on a cotton mattress will hold the dust mites at bay. The latex is a perfect repellent, so you don’t have to constantly scrub the pillows. As we lay on our side, ventilation is also made easier as the soft insulation lets oxygen flow through the mattress.

The most important aspect of sleeping on such a great pillow, of course, is the fact that during the night it helps to prevent sore and stiff necks and strains of the shoulder or blade. Once you wake up, you can feel refreshed and can’t wait to start the day without any discomfort. Sleep on a plastic pillow to get used to the contour for a few nights until you consider otherwise it will take some time to get used to the fluffy foam’s comfortable look.

When it comes to sleeping on a latex pillow, night sweats are a thing of the past. Sweats will wake you up when you try to find a cold or dry spot on your mattress because most of our body heat passes through the head and face. Now you no longer need to worry about face and head sweating, because latex keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It does cost a little more than the regular feather or hollow fiber mattress, but it’s going to last three times longer. They’re not getting lumpy and they’re not attracting mites. There is no need for substitutes for a very long time.

A latex foam pillow will change your life practically, you’re going to sleep easier and you’re going to feel rejuvenated every morning, a nice mattress to add to the mix, and you’re always ready to sleep without disruption. So get yours at any online or offline shop that specializes in beds. But if you find a shop that sells them, put in today’s pillow and test drive it.

Although a memory foam contour pillow may look large and uncomfortable, they can actually do a great deal for your sleep.